Prachi Sanghavi, PhD


Prachi Sanghavi is a health policy researcher who uses empirical methods to study comparative effectiveness of health care services, quality of care measurement, and population health. Her recent work has focused on comparing competing strategies of providing pre-hospital care in the United States. She is currently studying the quality of self-reported data from nursing homes, as well as the usefulness of patient ratings in reducing wasteful physician services. Her population health interests are diverse and include burn injuries among women in India and the health effects of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas well development in the United States. She is also interested in understanding how political contributions play a role in shaping health policy.


  • Assistant Professor, Department of Public Health Sciences (Health Services Research)


  • PhD (Health Policy - Evaluative Science and Statistics), 2015, Harvard University
  • BS (Electrical and Computer Engineering), 2004, Cornell University


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