Diane Sperling Lauderdale, PhD
Department Chair & Professor (Epidemiology)


Habibul Ahsan, MD, MMedSc
Louis Block Professor (Epidemiology)
Kathleen Cagney, PhD
Associate Professor, Departments of Sociology & Health Studies (Health Services Research)
Lin Chen, PhD
Assistant Professor (Biostatistics)
Brian Chiu, PhD
Associate Professor (Epidemiology)
Rena Conti, PhD
Assistant Professor, Departments of Pediatrics & Health Studies (Health Services Research)
Michael David, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Departments of Medicine & Health Studies (Epidemiology)
James Dignam, PhD
Associate Professor (Biostatistics)
Robert Gibbons, PhD
Professor, Departments of Medicine & Health Studies (Biostatistics)
Dezheng Huo, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor (Epidemiology)
Yuan Ji, PhD
Associate Professor (part-time) (Biostatistics)
R. Tamara Konetzka, PhD
Associate Professor (Health Services Research)
Benjamin Lahey, PhD
Irving B. Harris Professor (Epidemiology)
Diane Sperling Lauderdale, PhD
Department Chair & Professor (Epidemiology)
Brandon Pierce, PhD
Assistant Professor (Epidemiology)
John Schneider, MD, MPH
Associate Professor, Departments of Medicine & Health Studies (Epidemiology)
Fabrice Smieliauskas, PhD
Assistant Professor (Health Services Research)
Ronald Thisted, PhD
Professor (Biostatistics)

Faculty Emeritus 

John Bailar, MD, PhD
Professor Emeritus (Epidemiology)
Willard Manning, PhD
Professor Emeritus (Health Services Research)

Center for Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention (CCEP) 

Brisa Aschebrook-Kilfoy, PhD
Research Associate (Assistant Professor)
Jianjun Gao, PhD
Data Analyst
Ningqi Hou, PhD
Research Specialist
Farzana Jasmine, MD, PhD
Research Associate (Assistant Professor)
Muhammad Kibriya, MD, PhD
Research Associate (Assistant Professor)
Shantanu Roy
Research Technician
Lin Tong
Data Analyst

Research Personnel 

Amanda Radigan
Research Participant Recruiter
Jocelyn Wilder
Project Administrator/Data Analyst

Executive Administrator 

Barbara Kass
Executive Administrator

Biostatistics Laboratory 

Hae Kyung Im, PhD
Research Associate (Assistant Professor)
Theodore Karrison, PhD
Research Associate (Assoc.Prof.) & Director Biostat Lab
Masha Kocherginsky, PhD
Research Associate (Associate Professor)
Rangesh Kunnavakkam, MS
Sang Mee Lee, PhD
Research Associate (Assistant Professor)
Chuanhong Liao, MS
Sydeaka Watson, PhD
Research Associate (Assistant Professor)
Kristen Wroblewski, MS
Sr. Biostatistician

Research Computing Group 

Michael Johnson
Research Programming Manager
Phil Schumm, MA
Sr. Biostatistician, Director, Research Computing Group, & Assistant Director, Biostat Lab
Yarko Tymciurak
Research Programmer

Information Technology Group 

Ryan Carter
Application Service Specialist / Systems Administrator
Tyler DeNormandie
IS Manager & Sr. Systems Engineer
Jana Hayes
Web Developer
Falana Kidd
IT Programming Manager


Gloria Balcazar
UChicago Research Bangladesh Project Manager
Kimberly R. Cox
CCEP Secretary
Nichole Crist
Grants & Contracts Manager
Kimberly Jones
HR / Operations Manager
Barbara Kass
Executive Administrator
Jaméca Lozano-Lott
Grants and Contracts Specialist & CCEP Program Administrator
Kelly Macias
Academic Affairs /HR Coordinator
Cheryl Martinez
Faculty Project Assistant
Jessica Miotk
Financial & Biostatistical Lab Administrator
Nechelle Robinson
Project Assistant for Education & Receptionist
Michele Thompson
Graduate Student Affairs Administrator
Christine Wachowski
Grants and Contracts Manager

Current PhD Students 

Bryan, Molly Scannell - Epidemiology
Coca-Perraillon, Marcelo - Health Services Research
Dong, Jing - Health Services Research
Li, Jiabei - Biostatistics
Liu, Qianying - Biostatistics
Livak, Britt - Epidemiology
Morgan, Ethan - Epidemiology
Sharma, Hari - Health Services Research
Wang, Jiebiao - Biostatistics
Zhang, Chenan - Epidemiology

Current MS Students 

Bhattacharjee, Poushali
Catenacci, Dan
Chaudhary, Ahmed
Chen, Ling-Xin
Grogan, Raymon
James, Ben
Kantor, Olga
Langerman, Alexander
Lin, Yuan
Nguyen, Brian Trung
Okpych, Nate
Oldham, Justin
Paesch, Elizabeth
Pandey, Kiran
Pinto, Jayant
Prochaska, Micah
Ridgway, Jessica
Stefansson, Lilja
Stewart, Nancy
Tomizawa, Yutaka
Truehart, Amber
Tung, Elizabeth
Vingeswaran, Yalini
Worku, Aelaf
Wray, Charlie