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SER Boston 2013

Health Studies students and faculty at the annual meeting of the Society for Epidemiologic Research in Boston, June 2013. Left to right: Brandon Pierce, Diane Lauderdale, Chenan Zhang, Molly Scannell and Maria Argos. Brandon presented a talk on "Efficient Design for Mendelian Randomization Studies". Posters were presented by Chenan ("A Genome-wide Association Study of Cognitive Decline Shows Two Independent Signals in the APOE/TOMM40 Region), Molly ("Cross-sectional Study of the Predictors of Medication Use, Hypertension Prevalence, and Hypertension Treatment in Bangladeshi Adults") and Maria ("Total Protein Related to Cancer Mortality and Cancers of Digestive Organs Mortality in Bangladeshi Adults: the Health Effects of Arsenic Longitudinal Study"). Diane organized the session on Cardiovascular Epidemiology and Maria organized a session on Environmental Epidemiology.