Application for admission to the PhD program in the Department of Public Health Sciences is made through the Office of Graduate Affairs of the Division of Biological Sciences (BSD) of the University of Chicago. In completing the application, candidates for admission are to submit all of the supporting materials requested in the BSD online application. Completed applications are due by December1 and are for the following Fall Quarter admission. Below are special requirements and suggested guidelines for some of the application components.

Special Requirements for applicants to the PHS Ph.D. Program

In addition to the materials required for the general BSD application, the Department of Public Health Sciences has the following special requirements for all applicants:

1. A current curriculum vitae, to be submitted with the online application. The CV should include a relevant work history for the studentand#39;s proposed course of study. The CV can be included as a part of supplementary materials, uploaded as part of the online application.

2. A statement of the major area of concentration -- biostatistics, epidemiology, or health services research -- in which the applicant is interested in pursuing doctoral study. This should be clearly set out in the first paragraph of the Statement of Academic Purpose which is part of the required BSD application package. If, in addition to the major concentration area, a planned minor area of study is also known, this information should be included as well.

3. GRE scores. Please note that all applicants, including those applying to MD/PhD programs, must submit GRE scores. MCAT scores may not be substituted for GRE scores.

4. As part of the application process, we may request an interview in person or by phone. The interview would generally take place during the months of January or February, after the application has been submitted and processed.

Suggestions for applicants

1. We ask for a Statement of Academic Purpose that shows a well-organized plan for graduate study, including the questions which interest you, how the Department will be able to help you pursue those questions, and how this program will support your career goals. We understand that research interests often change during a studentand#39;s PhD training. However, it is useful for us to understand as clearly as possible what your thoughts are at present about the main question or questions you are interested in pursuing and about past experiences or studies that have helped prepare you for study in this area.

2. For your letters of recommendation, please choose three people who are familiar with your work and can comment on your potential as a future researcher in your chosen area of concentration. Thesis advisors and other faculty members familiar with your academic work are especially useful as letter writers. Please provide the individuals who will write your letters of recommendation with information about the Department and the PhD program.

3. We do not require a writing sample. However, we recommend that you submit a B.A., M.A., or M.S. thesis, or a scholarly article which you have published or prepared (and for which you are the first or sole author). Ideally, the writing sample would be related in some way to the interests you hope to pursue during your PhD program, though this is not necessary. A writing sample can be included as part of supplementary materials, uploaded as part of the online application.

If you have questions about admissions or the program, email